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#20 Multi-torrent input rTWi harder better faster stronger enhancement 05/16/08

Hello, actually this is not a real ticket, since I personally implemented this request myself. I just thought you might be interested in some feedback.

I usually get torrents from URL, and I usually want to add more than one at a time. Therefore, I modified a wee bit your code in order to replace the input by a textearea. Afterwards, the input is exploded and every valid line is added as a torrent. Pretty usefull ;-)

#21 Configuration option to have "add URL" as default rTWi harder better faster stronger enhancement 05/16/08

I never use the "add from file" option, since I always get my torrents from URL's. Therefore, it would be great if the default form to be shown (file/url) could be changed in a configuration file somewhere.

#3 installation manual rTWi page harder better faster stronger task 09/15/07

write a proper step by step (copy&paste?) installation guide (and one for debian/ubuntu and one for gentoo)

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