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What is rTWi

rTWi is a simple rTorrent web interface written in PHP by Gabor Hudiczius


  • Easy-to-use web interface for rTorrent
  • Manage your rTorrent downloads wherever you are
  • Add torrent by URL or via File upload
  • Detailed information about your downloads (up/download rates, up/downloaded data, ETA, start/stop/check/remove/erase torrent, change priority)
  • File list (change file/directory priority, download files from browser), Peer list (with optional GeoIP support), Tracker list (enable/disable trackers) pages
  • Password protection of the rTWi web interface offers you more secure remote management
  • Support for various connection methods (scgi_port, scgi_local, or via an SCGI gateway) offered by rTorrent
  • When using an SCGI gateway (like Apache or lighty) Basic HTTP Authentication can be used to protect rTorrent
  • Supports multiple rTorrent instances


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